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Our timeline for creating value isn't measured in quarters or years.

We are looking generations into the future to consider which forms of beauty, intellect and curation will best tell the story of our evolution.

We are collaborating with top creators, institutions and estates to onboard diverse forms of IP as digital assets, offering unique exhibition experiences, increased access, and immutability.


The pieces we choose to preserve in Vault Nine possess meaning and beauty that transcend trend and hype, with value far beyond the timeline of a roadmap.

Our mission is to create a collection of humanity’s greatest achievements to be appreciated now—in this solar system—and far into the future, in unknown galaxies yet to be explored.  

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Masterpieces warrant masterful display.

We have partnered with best-in-class VFX artist Melodysheep to architect our gallery and solar system. Melodysheep's reputation for creating unique photorealistic environments lends itself beautifully to Vault Nine's emphasis on superior presentation.


These environments and the assets therein are being transformed into immersive in-browser experiences by a leading realtime 3D studio, utilizing next generation graphic technologies to give users access to unparalleled virtual exhibitions from anywhere in the world. 


Concept Images

VAULTNINE x Melodysheep


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