Experience the new frontier of immersive art.

We collaborate with top creators and innovators to translate diverse forms of IP into digital assets, presented within photorealistic virtual environments, with persistent ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our mission is to present and preserve Earth’s greatest achievements, deconstructing them into code for off-world decentralized storage and versatile display. Through our network of community-curated vaults, we are building an emergent vision of humanity’s collective evolution.

Masterpieces warrant masterful display.

We’ve partnered with renowned VFX artist Melodysheep to architect the Vault Nine gallery complex and its surrounding solar system. This transcendent world sets the aesthetic tone for our exhibitions to come, and raises the standard for photorealistic presentation.

Vault Nine’s real-time environments and the assets therein are rendered remotely and streamed to your browser, providing high-end graphics on any device. Our assets and environments are further optimized on open-source standards to ensure interoperability across platforms and future compatibility. Instead of compromising on quality or utility, we doubled efforts to attain both.

Assets and Artworks

Interoperable. Interactive. Unique.

We work with leading artists to transform their IP into 4D assets that you can own, interact with, and utilize within various virtual ecosystems.

Vault Nine NFTs include
  • Proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Reprographic rights for 3D-printable assets
  • Custom viewing environment
  • Interoperable 3D file formats

Your exclusive access to

custom display environments

early minting

hidden rooms

private Discord


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Our Ethos

We value art that transcends trend and hype. We are looking generations into the future to consider which forms of beauty, intellect and curation will best tell the story of our evolution. Together, in this emerging virtual medium, we can explore endless horizons of meaning.